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Re: DESTDIR-enabled bootstrap + disabling USE_DESTDIR=no

On Sun, Dec 13, 2015 at 08:02:16PM -0500, Greg Troxel wrote:
> We have a norm (stronger the last few branches) of not having changes
> just pre-branch that risk widespread breakage, for some corresponding
> values of risk and widespread.  Basically I think people should not be
> expected to encounter untested (on any particular platform)
> infrastructure code in the few days before and during the freeze.  I
> don't mean to say that I think there's anything wrong with what you've
> done; I'm suspicious of all changes, and this one is not limited to a
> few packages.

Actually, it is limited to a very short list of packages. It has already
exposed bugs in the bootstrap script for FreeBSD and DragonFly, so it is
certainly a win. I have send it out for testing first exactly because I
want to avoid breaking platforms and effectively having a very short
deadline for fixing things. That doesn't negate anything I have said
earlier -- the fallout is pretty much obvious and testing can be done
without disrupting existing installations. If you care about a platform,
give it the patch a try. There is one small amendment I plan (setting
PKG_COMPRESSION=none as well as USE_DESTDIR=yes), but that affects only
platforms without any gzip in PATH.


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