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Re: perl6 + rakudo-star

> Am 20.09.2015 um 23:18 schrieb matthew sporleder <>:
> On Sat, Sep 19, 2015 at 8:49 PM, matthew sporleder <> wrote:
>> I have an update to the lang/rakudo-star package.  This is/will be the
>> defacto perl6 implementation for the near future.
>> I would like to make a lang/perl6 which is (basically) a meta package
>> that depends on this.
>> The previous rakudo (2013, parrot-based) depended on a pkgsrc build of
>> nqp, but this version builds its own nqp and replace parrot with a
>> command called moar.
>> It installs a command named "perl6", which is a tiny shell script
>> calling the compiler + runtime.

That would have been my plan, either. I didn't have a sane plan
based on that for p6-* packages. Do you have an idea how to deal
with/for p6-* packages?

>> Thought?
>> Matt
> I am still interested in the thoughts but my package is, in fact, broken.
> There does not seem to be any DESTDIR support and these packages need
> to bootstrap themselves.  It is a definite challenge.

If you have such a patch, I'm happy to review it and apply if fine or apply
with changes, when that's ok for you.

If you create the patch just for spreading perl6, I have it on my agenda
already - but busy in real world etc. :/

You can ask Liz to kick my ass monthly ;)

Jens Rehsack -

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