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Re: pkgsrc and Xcode 7.0

On 24/09/15 11:33, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
> If you go the Command Line Tools route you will probably also want:
> The current setup is incredibly pessimistic with the missing SDK, with
> each Xcode command taking around 3 seconds to fail, and it appears the
> negative result isn't cached in xcrun_db.  This is adding many hours
> to a pbulk-scan run.

   A fine mess Apple seems to have created..

   I have to admit, I'm slightly surprised by the "install the command
line tools to get XCode 7 builds working", because I have assumed that
the command line tools were always required for pkgsrc.  Is that not the

   If pkgsrc should be able to use XCode without the command line tools,
it should perhaps be pointed out that someone complained that otool was
gone from XCode 7 as well.  (And someone else said "no, it's there, but
it's just not made easily available without the command line tools

   mk/platform/ defaults LDD to "/usr/bin/otool -L", which
(presumably) only works with the CLT installed.

   Anyone with XCode 7, but without the CLT, who can check if otool is
gone from /usr/bin?

Kind Regards,

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