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qt5 missing symbol problem

Hi pkgsrc-users, I have been trying update qt5 to version 5.5 in pkgsrc.
I have come across a problem I can't solve. qt5-qtdoc uses
qhelpgenerator from qt5-qttools and it can't start because it can't
dlopen ${PREFIX}/plugins/platforms/
when testing to dlopen this file with a homemade program I get this
message from dlerror:
/usr/pkg/qt5/lib/ Undefined symbol
"_ZTV21QDeviceDiscoveryDummy" (symnum = 52)

QDeviceDiscoveryDummy is defined in 

I have tried to add this function to a dynamic list and also tried to
use -E linker argument to no avail. from version 5.4 dlopens without a problem.

Anybody who knows how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,
Niclas Rosenvik

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