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Re: Moving pkgsrc-wip away from SourceForge


Jason Bacon <> writes:

> Lots of good insights presented in this thread, which I think is
> a testament to the pkgsrc community.
> One argument I haven't seen though, is a how CVS is superior
> (for our purposes) to other VCS's, aside from the obvious
> man-hours that will be consumed in a transition away from it.

Can I checkout only parts of git repository I need and work with them?
Can I upgrade or downgrade only selected subdirectories when working in
another VCS? This is what is important in integration work like
developing packages in pkgsrc.

> As a frequent WIP user and contributor, I would love to see a
> move to a more efficient VCS, i.e. one that can do more off-line
> and has a richer set of commands and output options.

The main question is what you're using WIP for. If you are using it only
to store your data, you can easily use another VCS. For instance, I have
local repositories for package categories that are backed by another VCS.
If you want to communicate to other people, you have to coordinate with
them somehow. It has happened so that pkgsrc-wip uses CVS just like
pkgsrc does.


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