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Re: Moving pkgsrc-wip away from SourceForge

Lots of good insights presented in this thread, which I think is a testament to the pkgsrc community.

One argument I haven't seen though, is a how CVS is superior (for our purposes) to other VCS's, aside from the obvious man-hours that will be consumed in a transition away from it.

As a frequent WIP user and contributor, I would love to see a move to a more efficient VCS, i.e. one that can do more off-line and has a richer set of commands and output options.



On 7/5/15 7:45 AM, Pierre Pronchery wrote:
			Hi all,

On 07/05/15 04:31, Mayuresh wrote:
On Sat, Jul 04, 2015 at 06:38:45PM +0200, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
- hg is a dead end, due to git's momentum
This is the one argument I will never agree to. Based on that, pkgsrc
wouldn't exist since $LINUX_DISTRIBUTION has much more momentum.
And NetBSD needn't exist by the same argument either...

NetBSD community is (or was?) known to make decisions based on Engineering
merits / demerits of an approach and not by what is the talk of the town.

It is sad to hear "Let's use X because that's popular" kind of voice on
NetBSD lists.

I am not suggesting stick to CVS. But if we want to switch to git, we
should have Engineering reasons, not popularity metrics.
This horse has been beaten to death already, and its zombie after that.
There is this thread on Stack Overflow for instance:

Git's popularity is a consequence of its technical merits. There is a
learning curve, but it sure is rewarding.

As such CVS is not difficult to learn anyway. I am a small time
contributor to wip. Never faced any problems with CVS. So, not sure, why
fix what ain't broke.
I like CVS, when I work alone on a repository. Git is just that much
more convenient when it comes to distributing work, and experimenting
locally without network access and without sending hundreds of e-mails
around for each commit.


  Jason W. Bacon

  If a problem can be solved,
  there's no need to worry.
If it cannot be solved, then
  worrying will do no good.

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