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Re: small chat server?

Does anyone have any docs or steps for enabling and using ejabberd?

I installed the package jabberd-2.3.2nb3 using pkgin.

I edited /usr/pkg/etc/jabberd/sm.xml and /usr/pkg/etc/jabberd/c2s.xml so 
the <id> is the IP address of the system I want to run the server on.
I set in my rc.conf:
and ran sudo /usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d/jabberd onestart.

sockstat shows what is running:

jabberd  c2s        4600   3 dgram  -                     /var/run/log
jabberd  c2s        4600   5 tcp    localhost.64169       localhost.5347
jabberd  c2s        4600   6 tcp    *.xmpp-client         *.*
jabberd  router     17106  3 dgram  -                     /var/run/log
jabberd  router     17106  4 tcp    *.5347                *.*
jabberd  router     17106  5 tcp    localhost.5347        
jabberd  router     17106  6 tcp    localhost.5347        
jabberd  router     17106  7 tcp    localhost.5347        
jabberd  s2s        17224  3 dgram  -                     /var/run/log
jabberd  s2s        17224  4 udp    *.*                   *.*
jabberd  s2s        17224  5 tcp    localhost.64168       localhost.5347
jabberd  s2s        17224  6 tcp    *.xmpp-server         *.*
jabberd  sm         26622  3 dgram  -                     /var/run/log
jabberd  sm         26622  5 tcp    localhost.64167       localhost.5347

I have use pidgin for years to use different one-on-one and chat groups 
using my work's XMPP server.

But I have no idea how to connect to this new server running on my local 
network. My pigdin client keeps telling me disconnected and Host Unknown 
(I am using the IP address as the "domain".)

I guess I need to enable the debug logging as /var/log/jabberd/ 
directory is empty.

I initially only need to add to jabber user accounts so they can chat 
with each other.

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