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Re: small chat server?

    From: Jeremy C. Reed <> [150518 23:40]
    I have been using yahoo chat for over ten years. But some other users of 
    it (that I chat with) often get disconnected and lose conversations.
    I'd like to install my own chat server.  I also use jabber/xmpp a lot.
    I see that pidgin client supports
        AIM Bonjour Gadu-Gadu Google Talk Groupwise ICQ IRC MSN MXit SILC 
        SIMPLE Sametime XMPP Yahoo! Zephyr
    I am not familiar with all these. I'd like some type that offers some 
    persistence of conversations, so brief content isn't lost on down 
    connections for some hours.
    I see various servers under pkgsrc/chat. Any suggestions of a 
    lightweight server that supports some common format?  I am looking for a 
    very small server install.

Hi Jeremy,
there is a lean solution - /chat/jabberd-1.4.2nb12.tgz. I use it for

Greg Troxel recently wanted to delete the version 1.4 in favour of the
newer 2.something. But the newer version is a complete rewrite and
doesnt use normal textfiles like 1.4 does. The newer 2.0 uses sql. The
antique version 1.4 is still there...

Anyway, 1.4 is said to have security issues. Nobody updated the
NetBSD-Package to the newer, also minimal,

If you run it in an isolated environment like me, it might be a good

herb langhans

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