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Re: More options for nginx

When asking for review, please send patches (not gzipped), rather than
the whole file.  To review I had to save the file, ungzip it, and diff
it against what's in the tree.  (That's not hard, but it's a lot more
work than just reading a patch in a mail clienit.)

Your (implied by diff) patch adds a stray newline near the end, just
before image-filter.

My quick reaction is that gthe nginx package has a crazy amount of
options.  options are handy for source builds, but don't work well with
binary packages.   So whenever possible, it's better if the extra
functionality is in a different package.   Or, if the option is so
useful relative to the dependency burden that almost everyone will want
it, perhaps it should just be enabled by default.

All of these options seem to be adding in extra code that is not part of
the nginx release.  Generally pkgsrc packages actual released tarballs.
I wonder if nginx is going to accept these patches/modules, or if they
will remain separate, and what you think about that.

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