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Re: pkg requires gcc44 or later, but won't use existing gcc46?

On Mon, 24 Mar 2014, Richard PALO wrote:

We will probably need to see your error messages as to why your gcc46
is not being used.

There were no error messages.  The libvpx Makefile has "GCC_REQD=4.4",
causing it to depend explicitly on "lang/gcc44".  Not finding any
"lang/gcc44" package already installed, it then tries to build

It seems the logic only considers the host gcc (4.1.3 on netbsd-5) when
deciding whether the requirement is met (4.5.3 on netbsd-6 and 4.5.4/4.8.3
on -current are sufficient for both libvpx and firefox).

Were I building firefox on a completely blank system, I suspect the tree
of dependencies would build gcc44 to handle libvpx, then build gcc46 to
handle firefox itself.

The above is purely hypothetical as at present neither gcc44 nor gcc46
from pkgsrc-HEAD will build on netbsd-5(/i386).

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