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pkg requires gcc44 or later, but won't use existing gcc46?

While rebuilding packages on my netbsd-5/i386 system, "multimedia/libvpx"
insists on building "lang/gcc44" even though I have a working gcc46
(gcc46-4.6.3nb5 from pkgsrc-2013Q4).

Building it with:

  GCC_REQD=4.6 make

lets it acknowledge the later compiler and the build is proceeding.

Since I have to have gcc46 for firefox anyway, it doesn't make much
sense to build yet another gcc instance for libvpx (on which firefox

I would have thought the compiler selection logic would acknowledge
installed versions higher than the minimum requirement?  So, I had
to manually update libvpx rather than let pkg_rolling-replace do it.

(Also, gcc44 currently doesn't build on netbsd-5/i386.  PR eventually.)

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