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Re: ECDH support for sendmail

Greg Troxel <> wrote:

> I don't object, but:
>   - has this patch been sent upstream, or been taken from upstream?

Not yet. I hope I will have a better success getting an answer from
upstream than in my last exprience of submitting a sendmail patch.

>   - is there any real reason not to just use a patch file and always
>     have it?  Is it the case that the new curve is only used if the user
>     puts it in a CipherList?

If you omit CipherList, you get the default which contains ECDHE ciphers
at highest priority. It mat therefore have an unwanted impact.

>   - why set the PLIST variable, when there is no PLIST change?

Right, I fixed it.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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