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fallout from recent Lua changes


Since lua-alt-getopt was changed a few days ago, I have not been able
to build this package. I deinstalled everything related to Lua and now
pkg_chk does this after having built a package successfully (on NetBSD

===> Cleaning for tex-courier-2010.21993
===> Cleaning for tex-euro-ce-2010
===> Cleaning for tex-eurofont-1.1.3nb1
===> Cleaning for tex-eurosans-2.1
sh: cannot open 5.3../../lang/lua52: no such file
test: /usr/pkgsrc/Makefile: unexpected operator
make: don't know how to make show-depends-pkgpaths. Stop
test: stopped: unexpected operator
test: stopped: unexpected operator
===> Cleaning for tex-eurosym-1.4nb1
===> Cleaning for tex-fpl-1.002
===> Cleaning for tex-helvetic-2010.21993

===> Cleaning for tex-zapfchan-2010.21993
===> Cleaning for tex-zapfding-2008.7340
cd: bad substitution
cd: bad substitution
===> x11
===> x11/9term
===> Cleaning for 9term-1.6.3nb1
===> x11/XaoS

Because pkg_chk (or whoever) now operates in the wrong directory, a
"make clean" is done over the whole pkgsrc tree.

Maybe someone can shed some light on how to get everything Lua related
back to work. I have not defined any variables in mk.conf concerning
Lua, nor do I install Lua via pkgchk.conf.

Joern Clausen

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