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Trying to make Jython Package

I know Jython is in wip, but it's broken, in fact it has been broken for over a year now. I have improvised in the past, but now I want to create the package myself.

It uses a java installer, so there is no compiling. But for some reason it installs bin/jython with m=0644 instead of m=0755

The unpacked file has the proper permissions.

I get the same problem from the package under wip. The problem appears to have something to do with this line:

        ${INSTALL_DATA} ${TMPJYTHON}/jython ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin

It seems right that I change this to INSTALL_SCRIPT, however, when I do that, I get: ERROR: [] The interpreter "/usr/bin/env" of "/usr/pkgsrc/mk/work/local/jython/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/bin/jython" is not allowed.
*** Error code 1

yes, that /usr/bin/env is the interpreter on that and all the scripts in the package. I get warnings for all the other scripts.

The other problem I am having is that the installer sets this inside the jython script:
I need to set it to /usr/pkg/lib/java/jython

Its ok, to hardcode this default, as it can be overridden by setting JYTHON_HOME, I just need this to work out of the box for my mindless sysadmins, when they start installing software on our servers.

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