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pkgsrc-2013Q2 binary packages for illumos now available

I'm pleased to announce that the pkgsrc-2013Q2 release for illumos
platforms is now available.  This is an alternative repository of over
10,000 binary packages built for illumos systems.

A quick-start tutorial is available here:

and an overview of the changes for pkgsrc-2013Q2 is available here:

One of the major improvements with the 2013Q2 release is a working
Xorg for illumos, and this has allowed us to demonstrate some of the
available desktop environments, using OmniOS as the base platform:

  GNOME 2.32 with Evolution and Firefox 22:

  KDE 4.10.3:

  XFCE 4.6 with Gnumeric and Abiword:

  Enlightenment 0.17 with GIMP:


This of course is just a selection, there are many more environments
and applications available, as well as all the usual development tools
and miscellaneous Unix utilities.

Please let us know if software you need is missing, and feel free to
raise bug reports for things which aren't working as expected.  You
can find URLs for these in the installation tutorial above.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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