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firefox36, mplayer, gnash load takes forever and dies

        I have recently had problems with firefox36 built with/around
        mplayer-plugin and gnash, and particular videos from you tube
        taking forever to load and then in the end needing to do a fvwm
        kill on  firefox and reboot to get firefox to run
        again---something to do with a ghost process table entry I would
        think and the file marking for lock files with X11 and /tmp.  I
        have had problems with this before with javascript.  I haven't
        looked at the kernel data structures to fill in my guess with
        what NetBSD is doing exactly so any corrections noted.  But, I
        was just wondering how widespread this kind of problem with
        firefox(36) is.  Version is firefox-3.6.28nb11 from www only
        of pkgsrc of the current (Q2 or Q3 2013 just frozen) pkgsrc and the
        rest is from Q42012 because w/o going back that far, on NetBSD
        rebuilds I couldn't get these tools I don't really want to mess
        with going.  

bash-4.2$ uname -a
NetBSD 6.1_STABLE NetBSD 6.1_STABLE (Peano13b -r netbsd-6 -D 
today auich.c) #0: Wed Jul  3 12:06:14 CDT 2013 i386

        If anyone else has these sorts of problems, from time to time
        video is a plus in matching people with picture and sound to who
        claims to be some important  person outside my building.  Other
        than that, not a priority and I can live as usual pretty much
        without it.  Just in case though --maybe I can rebuild something
        or other or it is a people at youtube not doing standards
        problem or ... I don't know.  Thanks in advance.

        John R. Towler

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