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Re: To free disk space

On Jul 11,  4:36pm, Isaac Isao Saito wrote:
} continued from my previous question [0], I want to free disk space so
} much of which is occupied by many packaged installed via pkgsrc by
} mistake recently. After this mistake the disk usage doubled to 16GB.
} Simply, how can I do so?
} Unistalling many packages by pkg_delete doesn't seem to help. `df`
} returns nearly the same disk usage before & after.
} Manual [1] says `make clean` / `make clean-depends` would remove
} compiled files in `work`, but the following doesn't work for me:
}     # cd /usr/share/pkgsrc/devel    (where I ran `bmake` by mistake)
}     # make clean
}     Makefile:1657: *** missing separator.  Stop.
}     # make clean-depends
}     Makefile:1657: *** missing separator.  Stop.
} Removing `work` in each directory one-by-one under `devel` might work,
} but it's too tedious and I want to save it as my last resort.
} Any idea? Thank you very much.

     "cd /usr/share/pkgsrc/devel && rm */work" or

     "cd /usr/share/pkgsrc && rm */*/work"

}-- End of excerpt from Isaac Isao Saito

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