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To free disk space


continued from my previous question [0], I want to free disk space so
much of which is occupied by many packaged installed via pkgsrc by
mistake recently. After this mistake the disk usage doubled to 16GB.

Simply, how can I do so?

Unistalling many packages by pkg_delete doesn't seem to help. `df`
returns nearly the same disk usage before & after.

Manual [1] says `make clean` / `make clean-depends` would remove
compiled files in `work`, but the following doesn't work for me:

    # cd /usr/share/pkgsrc/devel    (where I ran `bmake` by mistake)
    # make clean
    Makefile:1657: *** missing separator.  Stop.
    # make clean-depends
    Makefile:1657: *** missing separator.  Stop.

Removing `work` in each directory one-by-one under `devel` might work,
but it's too tedious and I want to save it as my last resort.

Any idea? Thank you very much.



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