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programmes hanging after installing gtk2-engines-murrine


This is a bit of a strange behaviour. Some of my programmes are freezing after
installing gtk2-engines-murrine. pidgin and some others work fine; however,
others like wip/vba-m and mupen64plus (which doesn't even have a dependency on
GTK) are hanging on execution. With vba-m, i can execute the gvbam binary from
the command line, watch it hang, ^C it, and then it continues. This behaviour
continues even after deinstalling gtk2-engines-murrine. Has anyone been able
to duplicate this behaviour? I can see if with PREFER_PKGSRC=yes or
PREFER_NATIVE=yes, with modular and native Xorg, respectively. I would rather
not recompile gtk2 with the debug option and would like my programmes to work
normally again.


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