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Re: lang/openjdk7 build problems

On Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 09:43:00AM +1300, Mark Davies wrote:
> On Saturday 23 February 2013 03:34:09 Mayuresh wrote:
> > > >> > I get the following errors when trying to build lang/openjdk7 on
> > > >> > NetBSD 6.0 on i386.
>      [....]
> In the last couple of days I've just rebuilt a lot of packages on two 
> 6.0_STABLE/i386 systems including openjdk7.  The systems are fairly 
> similar other than one is a STABLE from early December and the other is 
> one from last week.  On the December system openjdk7 built fine whereas 
> on the other system I hit the same problem as Mayuresh.
> If I recursively chown the files to root (or some other low numbered 
> user) the build will then complete.

Thanks Mark. I was able to build opendjdk thanks to your analysis.

The user id shown prior to chown looks garbage to me.

I don't know whether it matters, though my pkgsrc is on an ext2 partition
from where I mount it on NetBSD.

Also both your and mine build was not at standard location /usr/pkgsrc. (I
am sure it should not matter. Just trying to spot similarities.)

I have faced a problem in the past where the uid of file's owner was
garbage and chowing it helped. Don't remember the context, but it wasn't a
build related issue.

Relation between garbage uid and build process is not clear as well.


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