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Boostrap script wrapper for pkgsrc

Hello !
I have seen  a lot of competiting approaches in how you should upgrade
your installed pkgsrc, but not that much about how to automate the
bootstraping of pkgsrc on a new system.
So I wrote a shell wrapper around pkgsrc's bootstrap script, which
quickly allows me to boostrap pkgsrc at $HOME, $WORK and $FAMILY as a
non priviledged user, for Linux and OsX.

The script basically download the last stable or current pkgsrc tarball,
checksum and untar it, and bootstrap pkgsrc using the right settings for
either Linux or OSX.

Writing a shell wrapper, around a shell script, is, hum, questionable,
but it saved me a lot of time.

Here it is:

My long term aim is to have this available in Debian Repositories, so
having a boostrap'ed pkgsrc on Linux is as easy as installing a package
with apt-get.



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