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[ANN] pkgsrc-2011Q3 binary packages for MirBSD-current

Hi all,

This is a very late announcement. Binary packages for pkgsrc-2011Q3 are
now available on

The repository contains 5330 packages built on MirOS-current. Any MirOS
BSD version from 2011 should work.

The  packages  are self-contained in /usr/pkg: The VARBASE has been set
to  /usr/pkg/var,  and  the  package  database  is in /usr/pkg/db. This
matches the MirPorts defaults and facilitates using pkgsrc and MirPorts
side by side.

In  this  quarterly  release,  the  new  default  for  MirBSD is to use
“modular” X11,  i.e.  install  Xorg libraries and programs  as packages
instead  of  using  the  system X libs. This improves the compatibility
with many newer programs, which expect for example that the X libraries
have  pkg-config  files.  This should not change anything for the user,

For  more  information  on  how  to  use  these  packages,  consult the
pkgsrc page on [1]  or the  relevant section  of  the pkgsrc
guide [2].



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