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Re: building rrdtool with ruby bindings

  We're trying to build rrdtool in pkgsrc but with Ruby bindings.
  The pkgsrc configuration only builds the Perl bindings.

Basically, there are two issues:

  The package can be modified to have ruby as well.  This is probably
  done by including ../../lang/ruby/? which should pull in includes to
  the bl3 tree (which is intended to isolate the pkg build to only the
  declared dependencies, successfully in your case :-).  Then the PLIST
  will need to change.  You can do just this locally.  I would try to
  find a package that is not primarily a gem and has bindings as an
  example.  But it seems overwhelmingly likely that the infrastructure
  support for what you want is already there.

  Pushing such a change into pkgsrc is a bit more complicated, because
  it's not clear that everyone using rrdtool wants ruby and how big ruby
  is.  So there could be an option, defaulting to off, or ideally there
  could be a new package ruby-rrdtool that depends on rrdtool (and ruby)
  and has just the bindings, so people who want it can install it and
  people who don't can just not, from the same binary package set.*

* One could argue perl bindings should be split off.  That wouldn't be
  wrong, but fairly few systems that have lots of packages don't already
  need perl, so it doesn't hurt much and thus motivation is low.  But
  that could be changing.

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