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Re: Updating devel/fossil, or how to use autosetup?


lang/perl5 uses a Configure script that is not generated by GNU
autoconf, so I think the situation is similar.

In lang/perl5/Makefile, configure related variables are treated like

HAS_CONFIGURE=          yes
CONFIGURE_SCRIPT=       ./Configure
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        -sde
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        -D ccflags=${CFLAGS:Q}
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        -D ldflags=${LDFLAGS:Q}

So please try first unset GNU_CONFIGURE, then copy above configure
settings into devel/fossil/Makefile and modify it.

This speculation can be false as I have not tried devel/fossil 1.20

At Thu, 10 Nov 2011 23:53:17 +0100,
Julian Fagir <> wrote:
> as having problems with devel/fossil (I sent the errors upstream), I tried
> updating it. Currently, there's 1.18 in pkgsrc, the newest version is 1.20.
> With 1.19, they changed to use an autoconfig framework called autosetup:
> Anyway, setting GNU_CONFIGURE and some options for the script (or not) didn't
> work:
>   Host System...sparc64--netbsd
>   Build System...sparc64--netbsd
>   Error: Failed to find sparc64--netbsd-ld
> So... how to use autosetup with pkgsrc? I'm absolutely not good in using
> autosetup anyway, so having somebody else updating that package and somehow
> documenting the work would be nice.

// HIRAMATSU Yoshifumi

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