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Re: Is it a must to keep kernel up-to-date for -current pkgsrc user?

> My interpretation of the cited page was, the packages may make use of
> system calls that only a certain version of the kernel may support.
You definitely cannot use packages compiled for current on NetBSD-4.0
because such packages may requires features absent in older kernels.
The same if you build your custom kernel and remove support for backward
compatibility with older kernels. In this case you also cannot use
neither uselevel nor pkgsrc packages built for older versions of
NetBSD. Please, take a note that GENERIC kernel enables compatbility
options. I'm successfully use 5.0 packages (official binaries from
ftp://) sitting on current kernel and userlevel (there are only minor
problems completely unrelated to the kernel).

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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