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Re: Is it a must to keep kernel up-to-date for -current pkgsrc user?

> Question is more of "what does \"upgrade\" mean to me if I am doing
> regular cvs updates to -current pkgsrc and as needed to kernel". Say, when
> NetBSD 6.0 is released, won't I be automatically on 6.0 (since I use
> -current pkgsrc and update the kernel as needed?).
> So do I do "sysinstall" only once in life, if my update pattern is as
> above?
> If so, this sounds very interesting to me coming from Linux binary distro
> background where for every upgrade I download a big iso, burn a dvd and go
> through some upgrade rituals no matter whether some of the application

> Mayuresh.

I know what you refer to in the way you upgrade a Linux binary distro; I did 
that with Slackware.

If you update NetBSD kernel to 6.0, you will still have the older userland, the 
older base system but with a newer kernel.  I am not sure whether this mismatch 
would cause problems.  You could update the whole of NetBSD from the source 
code, and that way, userland and kernel version would match.

Pkgsrc is separate from NetBSD kernel or userland.  Pkgsrc is not for NetBSD 
only but has been ported to other (quasi-)Unixes as well.


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