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Please review my wip/get_flash_videos - some issues with install phase

Hi all,

please take a look at my get_flash_videos package. Needed modules are
already in pkgsrc or was added to pkgsrc-wip by me today. However
seems like I'm missing last step to get that package done. In
attachment you can find my package including work directory and stuff
in Makefile which is commented for now as I'm not sure which approach
to use.

1) If I want to change only last two lines in PLIST to:


via do-install in Makefile then either I have only these two files
installed and no .pm files or if I left them as it is then I can't
call script/man page because they are not of course in my PATH

2) How can I use wildcards in do-install phase to avoid write line for
every .pm file and thus solve 1) this way

Thx a lot for tips

Attachment: get_flash_videos.tgz
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