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My box has:

aix%  lslpp -L|grep -i xlc
  xlC.aix61.rte       C     F    XL C/C++ Runtime for 
AIX 6.1
  xlC.cpp              C     F    C for AIX Preprocessor
  xlC.msg.en_US.cpp    C     F    C for AIX Preprocessor
  xlC.msg.en_US.rte    C     F    XL C/C++ Runtime
  xlC.rte             C     F    XL C/C++ Runtim

aix% oslevel


Within, @line 53:

- .  elif exists(/usr/vac/README)
+ .  elif exists(/usr/vac/README.c)

On my system, the file is README.C
aix% ls /usr/vac/README* 
/usr/vac/README.C        /usr/vac/README.C.ja_JP  /usr/vac/README.C.zh_CN

Probably safe to to stat() for /usr/vac/README* (wildcard) and/or make 
line  adjust line # 53 into an || or statement to check for either 

Hard to rely on IBM to be consistent here.

Brian A Seklecki <>
Systems Programmer
FedEx Services
(412) 859-2215 (o)
(412) 290-8059 (m/c)
(412) 378-3823 (m/p)

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