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meta-pkg for mingw-w64 ({wip,cross}/mingw-w64-*)

I feel strongly :-) that there would be nice to have
meta-package to include mingw-w64-gcc environment.

I'm thinking to add attached meta-package.
My question is that 
(1) Am I wrong for above ?
(2) what the name should be
   just mingw-w64 ?

(By the way, please don't discuss on the versions
of each componet for now.)

Thanks a lot,
Makoto Fujiwara, 
Chiba, Japan, Narita Airport and Disneyland prefecture.

# $NetBSD$

DISTNAME=       mingw-w64-1.0
CATEGORIES=     cross

COMMENT=        Meta package to install mingw-w64-gcc
LICENSE=        gnu-gpl-v3


DEPENDS+=       mingw-w64-binutils-[0-9]*:../../wip/mingw-w64-binutils
DEPENDS+=       mingw-w64-crt-[0-9]*:../../wip/mingw-w64-crt
DEPENDS+=       mingw-w64-headers-[0-9]*:../../wip/mingw-w64-headers
DEPENDS+=       mingw-w64-libgcc-[0-9]*:../../wip/mingw-w64-libgcc
DEPENDS+=       mingw-w64-gcc-[0-9]*:../../wip/mingw-w64-gcc

.include "../../mk/"

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