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Re: PKGSRC 2011Q2 Wine Troubles

Nat Sloss <> writes:

> I apologize for the multiple posts they were all sent yesterday.  I would 
> send 
> one and then check the mailing list to see if it was there.  They didn't come 
> through I thought I was being blocked by the spam filter.  I'm too impatient. 
> I expected it to be instantaneous.

This is electronic mail rather than instant messaging service. Also patience is
a requisite, if you want to solve your problem eventually.

> The problem I have with wine is that winecfg does nothing it just hangs at 
> the 
> terminal.  I haven't tried to run any windows applications.  I did build it 
> with MAKE_JOBS=3.  Could that be the problem.

Very unlikely.

> Also I am running NetBSD 5.01 i386.
> Would I have to update all dependent packages?

Which ones? emulators/wine is leaf package, to my knowledge.

> Any clues.

Try emulators/wine-devel.


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