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Re: x11/fbdesk does not build with recent png

On Sun, Jul 24, 2011 at 06:49:40AM +0000, Trung wrote:
> How do you fix this kind of error... /include/png.h:664: error: forward
> declaration of 'struct png_info_def'...?
> What are the possible reasons for the error?
> I am installing another program on Mac OsX, and got this same problem.

It depends.
Usually, the problem is that the program tries to use some internal
member of a png structure directly (e.g. png->foo) and the solution is
to use the accessor function instead (e.g. png_get_foo(png)).

Most packages in pkgsrc have been fixed already, so you can look for
patches there, or bug their upstream to fix it.

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