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Re: pkg/45181 - groff/pdfroff using non-portable mktemp opts


On Wed, 27 Jul 2011 22:13:43 +0900, Louis Guillaume 
<> wrote:

I just added the above PR with a patch. In summary, there's a patch to
pdfroff that uses "mktemp" with the `-p' option, which seems to only be
on Linux.

Not only on Linux.

mktemp utility appeared in OpenBSD 2.1
OpenBSD added `-p' option to mktemp before 3.0.
standalone mktemp also have `-p' option since 1.3.
mktemp of GNU coreutils appeared in 2007 with `-p' option.
Solaris 10 also have mktemp from OpenBSD, with `-p' option.

FreeBSD implement mktemp before 2.2.7 based on OpenBSD's spec (before added 
`-p' option).
NetBSD-1.5 import mktemp from FreeBSD.
DragonFly contains FreeBSD based mktemp naturally.

Lack of `-p' option is only for FreeBSD based one now.
But there are no standard spec for mktemp(1), so the patch should be changed to 
portable style.
OBATA Akio /

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