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Re: removing Plone/Zope

Takahiro Kambe <> schrieb:

>So, unless someone create newer pkgsrc framework to handle plone/zope
>or become MAINTAINER of these packages, I propose to remove them:
>       www/plone25
>       www/plone3
>       www/zope29
>       www/zope210
>       www/zope211
>       www/zope3
>       www/zope-ejsplitter
>       www/zope-jamailhost
>       www/zopeedit
>I don't know about devel/py-ZopeInterface that it is usable in these
>days or not

Dears, we are still using these packages productional as still many others in 
the Zope scene i know.

>       www/zope29
>       www/zope210
>       www/zope211
>       www/zopeedit

The major reason are still used or productional older Zope applications which 
could not be ported to newer Zope versions without significant changes to it.

For those who don't know Zope: Zope as a application server / framework is the 
base for many third party or end user applications around which are / could be 
not part of pkgsrc.

The Zope3 related packages as plone packages could be afaik removed, as Zope 
has - up from Zope 2.12 (which now uses Zope3 infrastructure - his own 
software management - partly depending from python packages.

For the future it would be nice to have i.e. a zope212inst / zope213inst which 
lead to a new (virtual) install or kicks on updates of Zope installs when 
required, while Zope extensions are handled within and by the Zope install 
byself as usual now. But this would be not very urgent.

If required i would take maintainership of the existing zope packages (and 
yes, i knew that the old one was not reachable to us since longer times).

Many thanks.





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  Syndicat IT&Internet
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