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proposed package deletion: guile16-gtk

Soon it will be time to prepare 2011Q2.
I propose to remove devel/guile16-gtk.

devel/guile-gtk is itself old, and is a scheme wrapper for gtk1, using
guile 1.8.    guile16-gtk is an even older version, and uses guile 1.6
For a while, guile 1.6 was important to have because some programs did
not run under 1.8.  But now, guile 2.0 has been released.

Also, there is a gtk2 version of guile-gtk.  If anyone is using
guile-gtk from pkgsrc and would object to updating it to be the gtk2
version, please let me know.

I'm pretty sure no one cares about guile16-gtk, or I wouldn't propose
this, but I'll wait 1 week from this message.

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