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Re: python3 for NetBSD/pkgsrc

On Tue, 11 Jan 2011, Chris Ross wrote:

>   Jeremy, did you commit the patch you had mentioned for python 3.1?  
> (I haven't examined -wip yet, though I think I will need to, as I 
> don't want to get into installing python for myself by installing 2.6, 
> or 2.x at all.  Just as someone who's starting to learn and use it, 
> I'd rather start with 3.  Since I'm not installing it to run existing 
> code.  :-) )

Sorry I did not. But I am still using it (and on more systems now).

I will try to do this on Monday. I don't plan to propose it again. If 
anyone has complaints, I guess they could have handled it themselves in 
the last 14 months since I provided my patch.

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