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Re: doscmd status?

Thanks for responses.

I suppose I could see if I can download the source code for doscmd and then see 
if it looks compilable under NetBSD 5.1?  Maybe even Linux?  Might be risky.

I have run DOSBox, recently built DOSBox 0.74 from source under Linux Slackware 
13.0, a distribution rather hostile to building packages from source, but 
haven't run it yet.  With DOSBox 0.72 and 0.73, I was not able to run (Borland) 
Quattro Pro 5 or (Ashton-Tate/Borland) dBASE IV 1.5.

Now I have those installations copied to USB sticks.  Maybe I could chmod from 
root to permit nonroot read-write access and see if that makes a difference?  I 
was also not able, as nonroot in Linux, to run Quattro Pro or dBASE using 
dosemu and FreeDOS.  DOS is, as is well-known, a single-user system where 
everybody is root.  I was able to run Quattro Pro and dBASE from OS/2 Warp 3 
and 4 in a DOS session.  OS/2 was also a single-user OS where the user is 
always root, though OS/2 has some protection against deleting vital system 

I might also want to see if I can install FreeDOS onto a USB stick from doscmd 
or DOSBox; FreeDOS can't access USB unless I can find a USB driver for DOS that 


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