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problem with x11/renderproto?


When updating packages with pkg_rr or "make update", on a freshly
synced pkgsrc tree, I get this error:

make: "../../x11/renderproto/../../x11/renderproto/" line
12: Malformed conditional (${BUILTIN_X11_TYPE.native} == "XFree86")
make: "../../x11/renderproto/../../x11/renderproto/" line
12: Need an operator

This happens e.g. during the install step of graphics/cairo. I don't
think this is a general problem, because nobody else seems affected.
OTOH I have nothing in mk.conf that influences X11 or renderproto.
This happens on NetBSD 5.0.2/amd64.

Any ideas?

Joern Clausen

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