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Linux system to use pkgsrc?

Thanks for the various suggestions.  I've thought about Gentoo and Linux from 
Scratch.  Gentoo has its own package manager that I might want to try and use.  
Linux from Scratch has no package manager; this is where I might want pkgsrc.

I don't like to use an emulator because that slows things down considerably, 
and might introduce some bugs of its own.

Problem with full prepared distributions is not being able to select build 
options, and being limited by the personal vendettas of some distributions 
against particular packages.  Pat Volkerding of Slackware dropped GNOME and 
Gnumeric and Abiword.  Debian refuses to support Seamonkey, and they don't like 
a package that has frequent security updates, such as Firefox.  Slackware 
package manager has no support for dependencies, and some things don't work 
well together.

Building packages from source without the benefit of a package manager that 
tracks dependencies is very inefficient.  I speak from recent experience, just 
trying to build the dependencies for Abiword and Gnumeric, as well as DOSBox 
0.74.  Much nicer to build a FreeBSD port or NetBSD package and have it pull in 
a whole lot of dependencies automatically.  I can't see myself going with Linux 
from Scratch and no package manager such as pkgsrc.

One other thing is that I intend to put /home on a separate (sub)partition, 
this is for any Linux, BSD or other (quasi-)Unix.  That makes it easier to 
upgrade or even completely switch from one Linux distribution to another.  I 
could even run two or three Linux distributions in separate partitions and 
share a separate /home partition.


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