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Re: KDE application slowness (dbus related?)

Hi Niels!

> did such problems appear even in the dialogs of other KDE based apps?

Some don't even start up, like kaddressbook.
It complains about errors:
MySQL server log contains errors.
Nepomuk search service not registered at D-Bus.
No resource agents found (No resource agents have been found, Akonadi
is not usable without at least one. This usually means that no
resource agents are installed or that there is a setup problem. The
following paths have been searched: ''. The XDG_DATA_DIRS environment
variable is set to ''; make sure this includes all paths where Akonadi
agents are installed)

When looking at the mySQL log file, it ends with:
101220  0:14:36  InnoDB: Started; log sequence number 0 2508870
101220  0:14:36 [Warning] Can't open and lock time zone table: Table 
'mysql.time_zone_leap_second' doesn't exist trying to live without them
101220  0:14:36 [ERROR] Can't open and lock privilege tables: Table 
'mysql.servers' doesn't exist
101220  0:14:36 [Note] /usr/pkg/libexec/mysqld: ready for connections. Version: 
'5.1.53'  socket: '/home/wiz/.local/share/akonadi/db_misc/mysql.socket'  port: 
0  Source distribution

kaddressbook then quits with:
kaddressbook(29025)/libakonadi Akonadi::Control::Private::exec: Could not 
start/stop Akonadi! 
kaddressbook(29025) main: Unable to start Akonadi server, exit application 

kmldonkey on the other hand is very responsive -- starts up quickly
and I never had trouble with it.

Any other applications I should start for testing?

I think that amarok is monitoring the file system for new music, so it
might connect to famd. I don't know what it or digikam would want from

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