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On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 02:41:37PM +0100, Adam wrote:
 > > Maybe we could add a short comment to the relevant package Makefiles
 > > documenting this reason - both to help anyone else raising this question
 > > and to explain what kind of prior art they comprise if anyone is tempted
 > > to copy the layout in future for other packages...
 > I think it should go into The pkgsrc guide.

I agree, but since updating the guide tends to happen slowly in
practice, plus discussion in the guide can easily be missed by people
looking for examples to follow, maybe "both" is the best approach.

(I just had an idea, which may not be very practical: I wonder if it's
feasible to build the guide such that a copy of the example fragments
ends up in doc/guide/Makefile.examples, where they'll be found by
"grep */*/Makefile*".)

David A. Holland

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