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Re: wip/jdk16 status

On 13 December 2010 21:13, Francois Tigeot <> 
> Hi all,
> wip/jdk15 shares some files with wip/jdk16. One of these shared
> files causes errors during installation of jdk15 on some platforms
> For the record, the exact error message is
> Â=> Running POST-INSTALL script actions
> ÂError occurred during initialization of VM
> ÂDumping a shared archive is not supported on the Server JVM.
> and this is due to a known bug in the jdk itself: the command
> java -Xshare:dump is not supported on 64-bit JVMs.
> Â
> I'd like to correct this behavior and not run this command
> unconditionally on all types of machines.
> I have to modify INSTALL.tmpl in wip/jdk16 for that.
> It seems wip/jdk16 is not very active. Is there a maintainer I can
> contact ? Should I create a patch or modify the file myself ?

I think jdk16 has been idle long enough that its open season on fixes :)

I would suggest you go ahead and commit directly.

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