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Re: pkgsrc mail lists/resources for Linux, OS X, Solaris etc

 On Sat, 12 December 2010, Sad Clouds 
<> wrote:

> > Is there any interest in having separate maillists for
> pkgsrc on non
> > NetBSD platforms?
> Wouldn't this be a distraction? I mean if you have issues
> with pkgsrc, you subscribe to one list, where the relevant
> people hang out and can help you. Why complicate things
> unnecessary.
pkgsrc list is not so high-volume as to need separate lists for each OS that 
pkgsrc has been ported to.

On the matter of making binaries available for Linux, which Linux?

There are many different package archive formats: .txz, .tgz or .tbz, .rpm, 
.deb and perhaps others that I can't think of.  Do you discriminate against 
Linux distributions that don't use .rpm, .don't use .deb, etc, or clutter the 
repository with separate binary packages for all package formats, even within 
the same CPU architecture?


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