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Re: Getting pkgsrc

On Fri, November 19, 2010 11:15 pm, Thomas Mueller wrote:

> No doubt I will not be alone in saying you need to check the pkgsrc guide,
> easy to find from NetBSD web site (click on Software Packages).
> I did the initial download by ftp from, got the current
> version rather than the quarterly.
> I never tried CVS but intend to see how this works for pkgsrc update.
> Does DragonflyBSD have a file /usr/Makefile?  I have never seen such a
> file before in this directory location.

Earlier versions used cvs:

For a while, it pointed at pkgsrc-current, but now we pick a quarterly
release, so that people don't end up accidentally mixing pkgsrc-current
and quarterly builds when they download binaries, since the pkg_radd tool
defaults to a quarterly release.

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