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Re: Getting pkgsrc

from "Hans Jacob Zachariasen" <>:

> Is it possible to make installing and tracking "pkgsrc-current" as easy as it 
> is in DragonflyBSD?

> I'm new to the BSD world. I've tried the other bsd's, but found that NetBSD 
> was the right choice for me.

> I just like DragonflyBSD's way of fetching pkgsrc. Very convenient.

> As root:

> # cd /usr
> # make pkgsrc-create

> to fetch the intial pkgsrc repository from the net, or

> # cd /usr
> # make pkgsrc-update

> to update.

> Edit /usr/Makefile to select a different download location, if desired.

> This downloads the absolute most recent version of pkgsrc. In a production 
> environment, you may want a more stable release. Check the section below for 
> more details.
> Copied from "";.

> If not. Is it possible to use fossil to track "pkgsrc-current", think I saw 
> some discussion about it here somewhere. Am not fond of CVS.

> Sorry if I'm not being clear. English is my third language:)

No doubt I will not be alone in saying you need to check the pkgsrc guide, easy 
to find from NetBSD web site (click on Software Packages).

I did the initial download by ftp from, got the current version 
rather than the quarterly.

I never tried CVS but intend to see how this works for pkgsrc update.

Does DragonflyBSD have a file /usr/Makefile?  I have never seen such a file 
before in this directory location.

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