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Re: documentation for packages

JÃrn Clausen <> writes:

> I think this problem has been discussed several times, but I'd like to
> give it another try...
> From time to time, people complain that huge subtrees of pkgsrc like
> TeX are pulled in to generate documentation (which these people may
> never read). I am again stuck with building devel/doxygen, which is
> requested by graphics/lensfun, which in turn is needed by
> graphics/gimp. No doxygen, no Gimp.


> Given the fact that NetBSD is always considered a primary choice for
> embedded systems, I think its package system should try to reduce its
> footprint as good as possible.

I propose to hold a hackathon on adding "doc" option (on by default)
where it is relevant. One can turn it off globally or per package at

I think this has been really discussed too many times, hence we should
just make up our minds and take actions.


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