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HELP w/portsentry - blocks ip in ignore file

NetBSD 5.0.2
Pkgsrc 2009Q3
Portsentry 1.2

I've been using portsentry for a while now.  It's great love it.
However, recently it insists on blocking an address in the ignore file:

# grep '' /etc/hosts* /usr/pkg/etc/portsentry*
/etc/hosts.deny:# DenyHosts: Wed Nov 17 07:38:10 2010 | ALL:
/etc/hosts.deny.purge.bak:# DenyHosts: Wed Nov 17 07:38:10 2010 | ALL:

No matter how many times I remove it from the files and restart portsentry, it 
insists on blocking the ip address within a few seconds.

It ignores other ip addresses in the ignore file.

Clues as to where I'm going wrong are appreciated.


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