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Re: documentation for packages

 >> I think reducing build time is a completely different problem. There is
 >> no any reason to rebuild all dependent packages recursively if package
 >> producing pdf or ps were changed unless explicit >=x.y.z is specified in
 >> BUILD_DEPENDS. Recursive rebuild is only required for library
 >> dependencies when API or ABI versions bumped.

> Yes, but reasons for rebuild are magnifold and may be outside of pkgsrc
> scope - like "local policy".

Do you mean that package building software available for pkgsrc
always rebuild packages even if there is no reason for this
or "sysadmin's policy"?

> However, I do agree that this all is bandaid over an upstream problem.
> Maybe upstream should be asked to provide pre-generated docs?

Being upstream, I always do this. So, it sounds reasonable to me.

> I assume nobody feels the pain when developing on a personal amd64 8gb
> machine with lots of > 3GHz cores. But pkg build setups are not all
> like that.

I think Solaris/spark is rather popular pkgsrc platform to provide
binary repositories on regular basis. BTW, some time ago in IllumOS
mailing list pkgsrc was discussed as an additional packaging system.
Maybe it makes sense to unify efforts?

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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