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Re: documentation for packages

> Try to split dozen of packages you need into -doc and -base subpackages.
> And I believe very soon you'll realize how much this "benefit" costs ;-)

I didn't say it would be easy or come for free. But I'm sure pkgsrc
could provide some framework to help package maintainers with the

> Seriously speaking, in order to not waste time for compiling packages,
> use binary repositories or run bulk builds and don't "wait" for them, i.e.
> use prebuilt packages.

After all it is still pkg*src*, not pkg*bin*. Are there up-to-date
binary repositories for all architectures pkgsrc supports? The most
recent binaries for SunOS/sparc on seem to be from
October 2009. The repositories provided by Gilles and Tim mentioned
there seem to be of similar age. And as Tim already noticed, I will
not find those packages that fail to compile on my system, either.

Joern Clausen

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