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Re: documentation for packages

On 17 November 2010 15:46, Larson, Timothy E. <> 
> I agree with the sentiment. ÂI can't get doxygen to build on my Solaris 9 
> system. ÂThat prevents me from installing quite a number of packages. ÂAnd 
> JÃrn's right...I don't need the online doco most of the time.
> Is there a standard flag for the purpose of not installing "heavy" 
> documentation? ÂNot sure if this is a better route to go than having a 
> separate doco package, but I thought I'd mention it for discussion.
> Tim

As a pkgsrc user who has been bitten by this more than once, I am also
vigorously in favour of either separating the documentation in these
circumstances, or providing an option for not building it.  This would
address one of my very few gripes with pkgsrc, which I find excellent


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