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Re: Small package updates

There's no rule that netbsd developers not on packages can't commit to
pkgsrc, just the usual notion of treading carefully in unfamliar areas
(which you are of course doing by asking for review).

Two things that may be not obvious to people who haven't been committing
to pkgsrc:

  The quilt commit message should summarize the changes from 0.46 to
  0.48.  Basically the NEWS entries from upstream, or what they should
  have said if they don't provide NEWS.

  In p5-gettext, we have an emerging convention that patch files should
  have text before the hunks that explain why the patch is needed, and
  if it's a pkgsrc issue or something that should be fixed upstream.  If
  it should be fixed upstream and is filed in an upstream bug tracker,
  that URL should be included.  We used to have the rationale only in
  the cvs commit message, but I believe most of now think that having it
  in the patch file is helpful.

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